Tiny Home Inspiration

This stylish, modern 250-square-foot house contains a sleeping loft, an expanding kitchen wall, a bathroom, and a living area, and was delivered and erected on-site. The interior space is connected to the outdoors with an insulated glass garage door that opens to a small deck.

For fun, Christina Salway of Treehouse Masters built this magnificent perch out of approximately 75 salvaged windows.

Tucked in the Douglas firs is this hand-built hideaway may be short on room but it’s big on charm. You’ll feel completely at home!

When space is limited, statement pieces that are both appealing and functional are helpful. An older wood-burning stove adds a vintage feel to new architecture while also supplying heat.

Compact appliances and smaller-scale custom cabinetry, complete with salvaged glass fronts and vintage sewing drawers are perfect for this little kitchen.