Siskiyou County

Hi, it’s Jim here with TLS land and I’ve got this great property for you in Siskiyou County California

It’s in northern California near the Oregon border.
This photo shows you how beautiful it is and what the scenery is like around the property.
Here are some other photos nearby. You can see there’s beautiful scenery here.

OK this is the Google earth view.

Let’s kind of zoom in and take a look at the property.
…and also you can see some of the nearby homes.
and of course, the views that you will have from the property itself.
Here are views of the general surrounding area.
It’s quite gorgeous.
As you can see, it’s close to the town of Hornbrook.
and it’s not far from Medford Oregon.
You can find more detailed information and an interactive map on our web page.

as well as links to the County and so forth.
This beautiful 2.6 acre property is priced it only 14,999 and it’s easy to buy just a small down payment.
if you’d like to own this property all do you need to do is click on the Buy Now button on the website.

and then you enter your information and the small deposit which holds the property for you.
after that will contact you to complete the paperwork.